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We are a stealth-stage startup based in Europe, specializing in developing future-proof vector search engine technologies. Our focus is on incorporating elaborate GNN preprocessing techniques, principles of Hermeneutics, and advanced language model integrations. Our aim is to deliver highly accurate and contextually meaningful search results.

Shared values

At AGIvec, we believe in a balanced approach to work. Our cutting-edge offices across Europe to be are designed to foster innovation, wellness, and productivity. We offer flexible work environments with dedicated spaces for focus, collaboration, relaxation, and physical fitness. We prioritize the health and well-being of our team members by providing bio groceries and a uncompromising range of employee perks to acquire and retain top talent.

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We're always on the lookout for talented individuals who share our passion for developing next-generation search experiences. As part of the AGIvec family, you will work with an exceptional team of innovators, enjoy comprehensive benefits, and have the chance to shape the future of search technology.

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Stay tuned for more from AGIvec as we continue our journey towards revolutionizing vector search technology.

Disclaimer @AGIvec

As a stealth startup, we are currently in the pre-launch stage, working meticulously on our core technology. The detailed specifics about our technology, team, and company operations will be made available as we come out of the stealth mode. We appreciate your understanding and look forward to sharing more exciting updates in the future.

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We're excited to connect with like-minded professionals, potential investors, and curious individuals. If you have any inquiries or are interested in joining us, feel free to get in touch.

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AGIvec's vision is to pioneer the evolution of vector search technology, unlocking the vast potential of unstructured data and propelling humanity towards the advent of Artificial General Intelligence. We aspire to be the essential infrastructure, the "gold rush shovel", empowering businesses across the globe to harness the full power of AGI, transforming the way we search, understand, and interact with data.